Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Fairytale Land Nativity Show

Dec 2014: We performed our Christmas play for our family and friends. We did a super job!!

Making Music

Nov 2014: Testing out our musical shakers!!!

Science - Our Senses

Nov 2014: We made popcorn. We used our senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste to talk and write about popcorn!!!

Maths - Data

Nov 2014: We sorted our favourite toys as part of a Maths lesson on Data. We sorted them into 7 groups such as animals, lego, cars, figurines etc. The most popular toy was 'soft toys' - 5 children picked it as their favourite toy.

Dressing Up

Halloween Fancy Dress Party

Our Christmas Play - The Fairytale Land Nativity Show

Our Lovely Art Work from Term 1

 Handprints Flower
 Astronauts (Work on Neil Armstrong)
 Autumn Leaves
 Autumn Scarecrows
 Spooky Spiders and Bats for Halloween
 Our Musical Shakers
 Pretty Poinsettias

The Children of Lir